girl put a condom on the penis

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1 year ago
a man 10 months ago
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Alexis 3 months ago
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Alexis 3 months ago
One night he come in my room we got hot he cum all over my pussy lips then he left I took my jelly dildo rubbed his thick white cum all over the head of it I fucked my pussy raw till I squirted crazy he come back in asked me if I wanted more then I said yes he was jerking in my pussy lips again I locked my legs behind his back right when he started to cum I pulled him deep in to me he thrusted back out said wth are you doing I said fuck me deep he said Alexis are you on the pill I said yes
Alexis 3 months ago
My step uncle would always put his cock in my under pants rubbing the head all thru my pussy lips till I got wet then he would jerk him self off in my pussy lips he would blow a huge cum shot all over my pussy one time the head started to go in we was getting hot he said I better not pulled it out I wanted him balls deep at that point blowing his cum in my tummy his cock was so huge I don’t know if I could of took the whole thing really I would jerk it off for him next to my bed he would cum
Keenan Pameolik 10 months ago
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I knew it 11 months ago
All that protection they must be related
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Fan del porno 1 year ago
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