Real amateur couple

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Concerned citizens 6 years ago
Her vagina looks like it's been in a bar fight
ewwwwww 7 years ago
this makes me not want to have sex
her voice 6 years ago
sounds like she smokes cigarettes....
Stupid 6 years ago
She's not in her period lol, great btw
Dumb 7 years ago
Y'all so dumb saying she's holding up her fat flabs. It's her legs! she has the crossed over Indian style and she's holding them.
Female 7 years ago
She was definitely not on her period you morons.
Colombo 7 years ago
Dat closeup though
I like her pussy 7 years ago
Y'all trippin I'd be all up in that pussy and if it's smelly she can clean my dick with her mouth I love how fat and wet her cunt is I think she's on her period but who cares I kno dat shit feels good
Lmao.. 7 years ago
Started going and then It went to her holding up all her fat and stopped the video
oh my godness 7 years ago
first vid as soon as I came online and found this nasty shit, I don't want to jerk off any more, this shit is disgusting, I cod smell that fish from here :/