(Subtitles) Two4One - Eipril

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ToraRyuu 1 year ago
Hehehe that ending
Random dude jacking off 1 year ago
Imagine how funny it would have been if the potion was a scam and the just awkwardly stared at each other
Kyris 1 year ago
I love the character design, and the fact that Rouge (idk if i spelled that right) made a cameo. It seems either Liz or Rouge is always in newer animations, if it’s not already centered around them like in Leak and Under The Circumstances
Hello 1 year ago
If this had sound, it would be amazing
it is what it is 1 year ago
i like the no horny bat part
Wat 1 year ago
That guy be like: shadow clone jutsu!
Fucker 1 year ago
So hot I can't believe I nutted to this
Triple two 11 months ago
Homie left the squad hangin
Kloco 1 year ago
When no parents :v
AA battery 11 months ago
One day you will have to answer for your actions
And god will not be so merciful