Akali, irelia y Ahri conocene a rengar

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Donald trump 1 year ago
Is that a jojo reference
Hehe 1 year ago
Over half of this video is Rengar going: >:]
Meme licker 1 year ago
If their were more meme vids like this, I would honestly come to this hell hole for a reason
1 year ago
Dragon ball reference
Hyper Kayn 1 year ago
Jojo + Team Fortress 2 + Dragon Ball references
I am your Father! 1 year ago
I do not know who did this but I know that I WANT MORE!!
Jersey boy 1 year ago
Just like that I realize I need to stop looking at online porn for awhile just knowing i clicked on this crazy cat ish...I need to go to a bar or club I'm bugging
4:56 1 year ago
Definitely not Rengar
well done
and people say Yuumi is a troll pick
Fuck off
wondering traveler 1 year ago
there is a league of legends ahri reference WHAT
1 year ago
Is he a stand user?